Getting started

This guide will help you to set up and work with this theme.

How to set up the project

Leaf theme requires Node and Gulp CLI. Please follow these steps to install the required technologies:

1. Make sure you have Node locally installed.

2. Download Gulp Command Line Interface to be able to use gulp in your Terminal.

npm install gulp-cli -g

3. After installing Gulp, run npm install in the main leaf/ folder to download all the project dependencies. You'll find them in the node_modules/ folder.

npm install

4. Run gulp in the leaf/ folder to serve the project files using BrowserSync. Running gulp will compile the theme and open /index.html in your main browser.


While the gulp command is running, files in the assets/scss/, assets/js/ and components/ folders will be monitored for changes. Files from the assets/scss/ folder will generate injected CSS.

Hit CTRL+C to terminate the gulp command. This will stop the local server from running.

Theme without Sass, Gulp or Npm
gulp build:dev

This will generate a folder html&css which will have unminified CSS, Html and Javascript.

How to get support

Themesberg provides support and guidance for this product.

You can ask for support from here.

Providing feedback

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