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A tight knit crew of designers, developers and UX experts, we're united by the love of our craft. Independent and strong spirited, we sweat the small stuff to help you drive your brand forward.

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E-comerce, Digital Design

What we did

UI/UX, Web development, Marketing

Tools we used

VS Code, Adobe Suite, Sass, Gulp

Duration: 1 month

Planning is the backbone of every successful project.

Duration: 3 months

Themesberg designed & implemented the cloud platform, along with the web application and the mobile apps.

Full Delivery
Duration: 6 months

Themesberg provided continuous software development with a dedicated agile team.


Integrating Tradient services into Impact Wallet's exchange has been a great success for all parties, especially the users.

John Doe-Marian

CDO, Themesberg